The Business Of Pharmacy….

Today i want to talk about the *wonderful* business of pharmacy,

I’m sure almost everyone had their dealings with the pharmacy in their lives, whether it was a medical condition, painkillers or even some safety tablets for travelling abroad, i used to be quite naïve, trusting that the pharmacy was the only right place to obtain proper medicine, it was only later that i learned how wrong i was and i will share with you a story with which was probably my first encounter to realizing that the pharmacy was more of a huge business and with its main goal being money……

As a young man, adventure was always on my mind, going from one place to another, to experience new countries and new cultures, always wanted to learn something new, and then the time came when one of my biggest trips had finally became reality, a trip to Africa! And to make it even more exciting, central Africa, Kenya, but ofcourse before i could go there a few medical check ups and vaccination had to be made, so i went to the clinic where they did the vaccinations and the checks, but in addition to it i needed to have anti malaria pills with me, and they weren’t cheap , about $10 dollars per pill and i needed about 20 of them, so $200 for a few pills and i has to take one each day, i didn’t feel good buying them and felt there was something off with this, but back then i didn’t knew any better, in my mind it was the only option… it wasn’t until i boarded the plane heading to Kenya that i learned something new, the truth revealed itself…

When on board the plane heading to Kenya, Coincidently i met a few new friends, they were local people from Kenya, so we started talking and they invited me to travel together and my answer was sure why not, you know your country better than i ever could, so once we arrived, we got picked up and i was invited to their home, which was very pleasant, i was humbled by their hospitality, we had some dinner together and then went to sleep early because the next day we would do quite a bit of travelling, The next morning, we would drive to a national park and afterwards climb a mountain, on the way to the national park we made a small stop at a local shop, my friend was buying some food and a malaria pill…. i was asking him don’t you need more than 1 pill, you need to take one each day, his response was no, those pills are inconvenient and a *little* more expensive than this one, this pill work for one entire month, and i was surprised and said i was never told this, then i said to him i already bought the pills i have to take once a day and i paid $200 dollars for them! He then laughed….

These pills can be bought here also but for only 5 dollars he said, i was totally surprised and than i asked him but the quality is different right, no he said its the same and he knows because he works at the same company who makes these pills! 5 dollars 30 pills for an entire month, but better yet is the 1 pill that works for the entire month which costs even less! Same product, same quality just different price… how shameful, So this was probably my first lesson about what the pharmacy’s main goal is all about…

This is just one of my experiences, others were certain crèmes, *medication*, Viagra pills and a few more… If you encountered similar experiences and if you would like to share it pleas do, i welcome it, also if you have any questions or comments, pleas feel free to ask and share.

Happy love life. 🙂

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