Hi everyone,

In This section you can put your own personal experience with whatever medication you have used previously, all comments are welcome both positive and negative experiences, for example I will share my own experience when I used Viagra.

When me and my girlfriend back then met, I didn’t have intercourse for quite a while, I was a little anxious, but I didn’t think much of it, until the moment we went to bed together and then… well you can fill out the rest, a feeling of embarrassment most men would feeling, not being able to get a proper erection, because I felt so embarrassed with this issue I didn’t feel like telling this to anyone or even to visit a doctor although rationally speaking I was not the first guy with this experience and wont be the last one either , but at times emotions can overtake the mind at some point, however considering I am an healthy male who exercises regularly, eats healthy and uses no medication or drugs and my allergies is limited to hay fever and cats, I decided to use Viagra after some research and consideration ofcourse.

My experience

after using Viagra first time my erections become more stronger bit by bit, after using it once I found I didn’t need to take it for another 3 or four days, which was quite a pleasant surprise for me, also this was a psychological issue for me so i did a combo of both using my mind and Viagra to increase the pleasure of my sexual life, so after 2 months or so my erections became quite strong, so at that point i stopped using Viagra and continued on naturally and now having a happy sexual life.

Viagra had an positive effect on me, the only small negative experience was that my erections were sometimes after intercourse a little painful, but this was probably because of the doses, i used 100mg and probably should have done 50mg after my first month of use, as for the rest i had a pleasurable experience and so did the girl(s).

This was my short review about using Viagra, pleas share your experiences with whatever medicine you have used before.

Happy love life. 🙂