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The worries of today

Well I guess not just the worries of today, money has always been on the minds of many in the past and may continue to be well in the future, Not exactly a topic I had in mind, but considering this is a common question and I know there are different ways to make money so I might just as well share them with you and I can share some insights and idea’s, the programs will be completely free to join, at least the ones I found now, the more honest programs I find, the more I will share them with you because I truly believe people deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Now I cannot promise you a get rich quick solution and people who do will most likely scam you for money, another question everyone has is how can I get more free time and work from home, with work and effort some of the programs can get you a decent amount of money or even make you rich if your creative enough, now I said some programs, the first one I will start with is definitely not a get rich program, but can give you a small extra.

Lets now continue

I’m sure most of us has done some sort of survey program and gained some points, vouchers or whatever that is not money as a reward for your time, now what if I told you I found a survey program that actually pays out cash for your time and answers, yes I actually found one, you may not earn hundreds, especially not in the beginning infact it is very little from the start, but it can grow gradually as you become a more trusted member and it is completely free to join.

The program is called paid viewpoint, by doing survey’s for them you gain small amounts of money, but like I said in the beginning it wont be much but it can be a small extra over time when you earn more trait points, this increases your trustworthiness as a person, the surveys will be very limited but also can become more overtime.

How to gain the benefits.

few other ways to speed your trustworthiness and gain a little more money is inviting friends, contacts etc.. and able to gain a bonus, the more active you are, the more you can get out of it. this program may suit some countries more than others because this program is still quite new, but as word spreads out more and more into the world, the effectiveness becomes more global.

Well there is nothing much more I have to add about paid viewpoint if there is ofcourse I will add it to the information, have a look at it ( click here ) , try it out if you like, its free to join and easy to use, you can only win, I will now move on to the next program.


The next program I’d like to share with you is called wealthy affiliate ,


  • Free membership and website(s)
  • 7 day free trail + some premium membership options (and you can keep your free membership and websites afterwards)
  • You can be a complete beginner or a experienced internet marketer (it doesn’t matter!)
  • A community of members full of knowledge that can help you out.
  • after the initial free trial (if chosen premium) amazing free training that continues on.
  • first month premium only 19$ (and you can finish all of your training within that month 🙂 )
  • Premium members receive free seminars (which normally people charge for) and there are literally hundreds of them already all available and free to watch)
  • you can receive personal help and that means also help from the best of the best, people who already have successful businesses and more!
  • Premium members can get an unlimited amount of websites at wealthy affiliate, however they can *only* host about 25 websites and 25 domains of your own.

Some of us may had their share of scams out there from people or affiliates who offer quick and easy solutions to get rich, This is almost never the case, I haven’t met one single person who got rich overnight by joining an affiliate program, if you do know one tell me… 😉 However programs that offer you a opportunity to start your own business and becoming your own boss and give you amazing training that you would normally learn in a university and a pile of extra information that you don’t even learn in a university! Now that is something different.

Wealthy affiliate is truly unique in this market, they actually really want to help you! I have been looking everywhere for reviews about them and I couldn’t find one single negative one, they themselves said they maybe have about 3 or 4 unhappy members, well I couldn’t find them and if you by any chance do happen to find them, Let me know! if you think this is too good to be true (and honestly I don’t blame you) Try it out, you have a 7 day free trail period with free training and a community to help you + you can join for free, have your own first website which you can keep afterwards.

You can gain a lot from just the starter membership alone, if you decide to go premium then you get a lot more training and extra’s to help you out, most people who find wealthy affiliate decide to go premium afterwards (and its about a million members or more by now), why? because they love it! they have someone looking over their shoulder, helping them step by step, they have a community of people out there that can help them, but more importantly It is fun! People are about to start their own business and getting a step closer to success and they are enjoying it!

Final word

You can make anything you like with the training you learn and the websites you make, make your own business, sell products, heck you can even sell your websites, YES that’s right! do you know how many people are looking for website designers who can make and design websites for them, a ton of people! and you know how much they pay? 3000, 4000 and even more dollars! they don’t have a clue how to use WordPress, But you do! with the training you will learn how to have your own amazing websites and make money out of them! with time and effort you will become an amazing internet marketer, designer and more, you can do this!

This is not a get rich quick solution, but you can make a decent income overtime and perhaps even more and who knows if you do it even better.. a cruise trip to the Bahamas? but it requires you, your time, your creativity, your work and from that foundation you may create your own amazing business! you being your own boss, imagine that! you can build the life you always wanted, have your dreams come true, the first month premium membership of wealthy affiliate is only 19$ and even if you don’t have that right now, you can use paid viewpoint  (a survey site that pays money!) as an option to save up that small amount, so its again a win win situation for you! 🙂 You deserve a fulfilling and happy life, a life full of greatness, an amazing expression of you, Go for it!

Another small extra

If you or anyone you know that just wants there own FREE website to make a business or to sell them have a look at siterubix and click here. 🙂

As time goes on and I find more and more ways to earn money, I will share them with you, I truly believe we are all meant to live fulfilling lives and to become something greater, life is amazing and can be amazing for all of us, this vision is what makes me really happy and motivates me to keep moving forward.

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