Erectile Dysfunction Physical Causes

How to overcome Erectile Dysfunction (physical section)

Physical causes.

Now that we have the main psychological causes covered , I will start to cover the physical causes, just to make a quick note if you have any questions to any of the above psychological causes pleas feel free to ask, there are no stupid questions.

Physical causes of impotence or erectile dysfunction, although my main philosophy is that almost every physical symptom can be traced back to a source of emotional issues (psychological causes). so I would always recommend also to look inside you for answers.

⦁ Age
⦁ Routine side effects
⦁ Certain medications
⦁ Endocrine diseases (like diabetes)
⦁ Neurological/Nerve disorders
⦁ High cholesterol/ High blood pressure
⦁ Surgery

Age –

Age… an unescapable aspect of life, we all face it and unfortunately sometimes negative side effects can come with it and ofcourse one of these side effects can be impotence/erectile dysfunction, but luckily this isn’t a big deal infact it isn’t even the biggest cause for ED and is well treatable, if you found you have no other body issues or emotional issues you could try the use of certain medication like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra and others like them, also libido enhancers or of you feel more comfortable using herb like medication that is also possible, I will make a list of medication options standard and natural so if you decide to use medication to give you a helping hand you can choose whether which kind of medication you prefer.

Routine side effects –

The reason why I named this routine side effects is because sometimes certain work or hobbies and others we do daily may cause some unwanted side effects like impotence or erectile dysfunction, these routine activities may differ from long term excessive bike riders, drinking alcohol, tobacco, excessive caffeine, drugs, certain medications but also habits like excessive masturbation, the effect of these habits is that they can constrict blood vessels which causes poor blood flow to the penis and the blood flow is what we need to get an proper erection, so what can we do about this?

The first step is do less of these *bad* habits, everything that is excessive is simply not good, going in combination with medication and treatment may also help you to get a better erection, for bike riders its recommended to take a break a little while and your erection for the most of the times should go back to normal and if your still having trouble you could try to use medication or some herbal treatment, for people who masturbate too often try to keep it to few times a week, ED can be caused because of this and for men who are inexperienced in sexual activity or don’t have it to often can get ED faster than most other men who masturbate too often, you can also use medication or herbal treatment to help solve ED, but for the most important part and this goes for all causes, keep being engaged in sexual activity even if you still have trouble getting an erection by being engaged sexually you stimulate your body and mind and enjoy the touch of your partner, feel the love.

Certain medications –

Certain medications may effect the blood flow which then causes impotence, now should you stop these medications? ofcourse not, always consult your doctor on what you should do and don’t stop a medication without your doctors permission, I have a list of examples below of medication that may cause impotence.

Anti depressants, anti-anxiety drugs and anti epileptic drugs –

Antihistamines –

Diuretics and high blood pressure drugs –

Muscle relaxants –

non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs –

Parkinson’s disease medication –

Prostate cancer medication –

Chemotherapy drugs –

Hormone Therapy –

These are examples of medications that may cause impotence, Consult your doctor for he or she will advice you what measures or options you have.

Endocrine diseases –

Now I’m going to cover a little about Endocrine diseases that can effect a certain hormone in our bodies.
The body’s endocrine system produces hormones that regulate metabolism, reproduction, mood, sexual function, and much more.

Diabetes is and example of an endocrine disease that can lead to impotence, Diabetes affects the body’s ability to utilize the hormone insulin. One of the side effects associated with chronic diabetes is nerve damage. This affects penis sensations. Other complications associated with diabetes are impaired blood flow and hormone levels. Both of these factors can contribute to impotence, there are more variations of endocrine diseases that can lead to impotence.
Good health is vital to a good body, an good amount of exercise, eating healthy, less drinking and smoking, a good amount of relaxation , less stress will be a good start for improvement, and treatment with the consult of your doctor can also help to treat impotence.

Neurological/Nerve disorders –

Some neurological conditions and surgery that effects the nerve system may cause impotence or erectile dysfunction.
these nerve conditions effects the brains ability to communicate with the sexual/reproduction system which can cause impotence.

stroke –

Alzheimer’s disease –

Parkinson’s disease –

surgery that effects the nerve –

brain or spinal tumors –

multiple sclerosis –

temporal lobe epilepsy –

These are examples of neurological disorders that may lead to impotence, if you had surgery in the past that effected your nerve system, that may also be a cause to have little or no erections this includes prostate surgery, its highly recommended to consult your doctor on how to proceed and what your best options are.

High cholesterol/High blood pressure –

Weight…. an issue on the minds of many, but what if it becomes bad enough to cause you problems..
being overweight (obesity) is bad enough as it is but when it gives you erection problems, you might want to consider doing something about your health, being overweight also increases your chances to get high blood pressure which in turn also risks in chances to get erectile dysfunction, so what can we do about it, probably the only good thing we should be doing in the first place, get working on your health! train good, at a gym, a martial art anything that will vastly improve your health and your quality of life, eat healthy, get good life habits, change your life style, start today, start right now! health is one of our most valuable treasures, cherish it, cherish yourself, you are worthy, you are amazing!

Surgery –

I said a little about this topic before, if you had any kind of surgery that may affected your nerve system this could affect your ability to gain an erection, most of the times it should go back to normal naturally, but if it does not this can be treated with certain medication, you can consult your doctor on how you could proceed but in most cases your body should function normally again with time, also depending how severe the surgery was and how much it affected your nerve system.

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