How to overcome Erectile Dysfunction (More naturally, Change your thinking)

Positive thinking

In this post I want to talk about our way of thinking, our attitude and how this can influence our lives and our health positively or… negatively.

The mind is an interesting subject, a subject that has been going on for thousands of years, It can be your mighty enemy, or a powerful ally, the good news is, we are not the servants of our minds but rather the other way around. Positive thinking can improve your health and help you deal with stress more effectively.

how do you want to live your life?

Do you live a life full of optimism and joy or do you live a life of constant worrying and despair? Indeed your outlook on life can effect you positively or… negatively, a positive attitude leads to more positive actions and more positive outcomes towards a more happier life, it can increase your health, the way you handle stress situations, so to be clear here positive thinking doesn’t mean you ignore life’s unpleasant side and bury your head in the sand, but rather how to surf with the waves and try to gain the most positive outcomes possible, by releasing tension both physically and mentally your overall wellbeing and quality of life may improve drastically, if you think you are mostly a pessimistic person and have trouble changing though patterns, don’t worry, positive thinking is just another skill you can learn.

Lets take 2 kinds of people, the one that is negative and their outlook on life dark and grim would you like to be around this person, probably not…. lets take the second person, the kind of person who is usually positive and their outlook on life is joyful and hopeful and its these kind of people who other people like to enjoy their company with, Positive thinking is a way of life or can be a way of life, the choice is yours, even if you are in a bad situation right now, the way you handle your situation is what matters, positive thinking > positive action >positive results.

Benefits to positive thinking.

-Better psychological and physical well-being
-Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
-Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress
-Increased life span
-Lower rates of depression
-Lower levels of distress
-Greater resistance to the common cold
Small changes you can make right now.
Check your thoughts, when negativity rises observe the thoughts and then let them go.
fill your mind with positivity, change your perspective of any situation you encounter
Talk positively with other people but especially yourself, lift yourself up, if you can lift yourself up, you can also lift other people up by being your positive self.
Start with small changes, read more books or more on the internet, talk more with positive people, anything that can lead your life to greater changes.
-But more importantly Smile more! Be happy, you deserve it!
Now does this help with ED (Erectile Dysfunction), the answer is it certainly does, but as you already noticed, positive thinking can do way more for you than just help you get over ED, it has health benefits, benefits to your welbeing and happiness and can even benefit others! Choose to become a more positive and greater you, happiness is inside of you, it always was, show it to the world, you deserve to be happy!



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