A Small Story

Hi everyone, Mark here, everyone at some point has and will have their issues in life and i want to share a small story about a guy who got an unexpected and inconvenient issue,

There was this lad and lets call him Phil, Confident and self-assured he was on his journey throughout Asia, enjoying the environment , the people , the city and felt he was on top of the world, he felt strong, confident and unstoppable, every day was a new adventure, a new experience, a new story, but he had no idea a new and more exciting story was about to happen, or so it would seem….

As usual Phil was out on another one of his adventures, he just came back into town after an amazing hike, he went to his hostel, had some lunch and then decided to go for a rest, but the day is still far from over, it is Saturday and ofcourse this means a Saturday night out, after Phil had his little nap and had his dinner, he went out with his friends to the local bar, having a few drinks and many good laughs, listening to the local band, having a good rock and roll night and for a brief moment he was concentrating on his own thoughts, staring into nothingness…. and then the unexpected happened, suddenly and out of the blue, right next to him he saw and met this seemingly amazing and beautiful girl. In his thoughts he was thinking WOW where did this lady suddenly show up from, it was like magic, They started talking and in the following days they were getting to know each other better and better, they were having a great time enjoying each others company and spending the holiday’s together and then when the moment of magic came into the bedroom, when they were starting to spend the nights together, from being playful to being more and more sexual, Everything was great until…. up the moment when they wanted to have sex, share their sexual energy and their magical moment of love but there was one problem with that story and that it is PHIL COULDN’T!…

Sure it started out all good but it quickly changed within minutes, He couldn’t keep his erection going which was increasingly frustrating and it didn’t do his confidence any good either and the situation was getting more and more hopeless and the girl he was with was even more confused because she though she was the problem, that she wasn’t attractive enough which was definitely not true and Phil made sure she knew that!

So What the Heck was going on here?

So Phil did what he was good at, as an adventurer he often researches all kinds of interesting stuff, where he goes, where he stays and much much more, so researching is something he has a talent for, he started researching what kind of problem he may have and found out that he may have an erectile dysfunction!

So.. what was the cause of this he wondered? There was nothing physically wrong with him, the only issue that he could have is that he didn’t have sexual contact for a little while, but it still isn’t something that could have such an impact on his sexual life, so what the heck was going on? So our good friend Phil did a little more digging and found out that his problem was mainly a psychological one and very little physically, the issue of not having intercourse for a little while and thinking about making a awesome performance made him somewhat stressful, so what happened then, the joy of making love disappeared and what was left was an overthinking and stressful Phil, So Phil started to look for solutions and he knew this isn’t a problem that can be solved overnight, it is something that will require a little time, However after a few nights the girl kept getting disappointed and lost motivation and then Phil just literally broke in tears, everything he felt inside himself just came out, the once so confident, powerful and unstoppable Phil suddenly didn’t feel he was on top of the world anymore or the confidence he once had, has been greatly diminished,

But then the unexpected happened!

but then something unexpected happened… the girl said a few words, a few words that changed the situation, and she said THIS ISN’T A BIG PROBLEM , people who lost and leg or an arm, have bigger diseases, That is a BIG problem and Phil though in that moment you know what, she was right and Phil started to make solutions to the problem, not just psychological but also physical, he never so he did some more research on certain medication (which he was always hesitating on using) and although he would like to heal without any form of medication, he needed a solution now and decided to use Viagra, not because its an easy solution but because it was necessary and the combination of both psychological and physical is working very well for him, it has made a great difference.

The aftermath..

After a short amount of time his situation changed has completely changed, although not entirely as he would like, but he is getting real close to it. His current status now is way better than it was back then, his love life is flowing again, his confidence has returned and is more happier than ever, in his eyes, its just another obstacle he surpassed and another victory in his life.

Was this a true story? The answer is yes it was and a better way to phrase it is, this is another success story! If you have any questions, feel free to ask anything, there are absolutely no stupid questions!

In all honesty it may always be wise to do a physical check, although in most cases it is more of a psychological problem, but be sure to check the physical page, it shows the most common issues of how one can get ED (erectile dysfunction) through physical causes.

I Hope you all enjoyed the story and with effort and determination you will find the answers and solutions you seek, This is not a big problem and it can be solved , Best of luck to all of you,

Happy love life,



  1. Rori O'Hara

    I’m glad your friend Phil went ahead and tried medication. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have the great opportunity to enjoy this facet of life; and neither would his partner. I’m sure it’s not an easy decision, and we all hope to find natural ways of overcoming our problems, but sometimes we need help. That’s why we have medicine, after all! Best wishes to you. I’m sure this “Small Story” means a lot to many grappling with this issue.

  2. Anthony

    Hey Mark,
    Thank you for making this post because I know that erectile dysfunction is very embarrassing to consider within yourself let alone in public. It can be such a blow to your self esteem. As a teenager I have had problems with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. I think that I attributed those problems to watching too much porn. What do you think?

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hey Anthony, from the perspective of a man having ED can be quite embarrassing and hard to talk about, while from the perspective of his significant other it may not be a big issue and is usually more than willing to help her partner go through this condition together but as you said for a man having ED can be very damaging to his ego because he considers this an insult to his manhood, nothing could be further from the truth, this issue is simply telling him there is something going on with his state of being, either psychological or physical and needs to be addressed, as for your question, as far as my knowledge goes, watching too much porn doesn’t cause ED, however if you were masturbating every time while you where watching it than it may have been a cause for ED, because excessive masturbating may lead to ED, also if you were inexperienced at the time, this may also be an extra cause to it, this was most likely primary a psychological issue for you, I’m happy to hear you overcame this issue, enjoy your future love life. 🙂

      Thank you for commenting.

  3. IllusiozTan

    Hi Mark, thanks for the great sharing about Phil’s story. I used to have a psychological barrier in doing the sexual contact and thanks to my girlfriend which is considerate enough and accompany me for the medical check.

    The erectile dysfunction sometimes can be due to work stress and exhaustion. Taking the doctor’s advice, I manage to cope with it and aside to this, I am taking seafood especially prawn and oyster once in a while to boost my physical fitness.

    1. Mark (Post author)

      With such a great girlfriend as yours, overcoming ED will be solved so much quicker, stress and exhaustion are definitely libido killers and doesn’t help your mental state, it was good that you follow your doctors advice he can always help you more with your issue, eating sea food wasn’t a solution I have seen before, I will look into it.

      Thank you for commenting. 🙂

  4. Anke

    Hi Mark, thanks for sharing this story and how Phil was able to overcome this small “issue” even though it is a big one at the time. I remember my first boyfriend has had similar problems and never really addressed or spoke about it.
    I think it is fantastic that you have created this informative website and I am sure many men (and women) will seek help and answers on here.
    By the way, I also enjoyed your writing style. It is not easy to translate such a problem with a compassionate and humorous way as you did.
    All the best from Anke

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hi Anke, It doesn’t come as a big surprise that your boyfriend didn’t really want to talk about it, for a man this can be quite embarrassing to his *Manhood* you might say, I myself personally experienced the same issue, so I can definitely say, talking about it does help, just once is enough, after that it’s letting go of the worrying and start enjoying the sexual connection, love is not just physical, but very emotional too, did you and your first boyfriend solve the problem together? thanks for commenting!


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